• Thinking on the Revolution...The Innocence and Wonder of a Child

    There is a certain innocence and wonder that most children possess and most adults do not.

    You remember? Don't you? When the world that you knew was bright and exciting? When Mom and Dad or big brothers and sisters were heroes who could not be defeated?

    As we become adults we change. We, at some point, lose this innocence and wonder. We begin to see the world as it is; in all its hideosity. 

    We learn of the horrible things people people have done to one another throughout the millennia. We experience atrocities that happen to seemingly good people. 

    Heroes fall. 

    Role-models fail. 

    And we are let down by those we revere, and even by ourselves. 

    Hope seems manufactured at best. Empty promises lead to empty hearts.

    I believe this innocence and wonder can be regained.

    We may have lost our belief in heroes who can save the day, but there is a real Hero who is ready to save.

    When Jesus comes into your life He can restore your lost innocence. You can again regain your wonder. Suddenly all the turmoil of the world can make some sense. 

    There truly is a struggle between good and evil. And while the darkness seems to prevail; the night is far spent and the day is at hand.

    We have a hero. 

    He will return to the earth and set things straight.

    Evil will be defeated. 

    Justice will come to those who are deserving.

    Are you despairing?

    Come to the One, Jesus, who died to make children of us all.

    -Jason Vreeke

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